Michael Moses (center, standing), founder of Brand 216, keeps his friends close to make up Team 216.

Cleveland, OH, has a story to tell. Every city in this world has a history, a present, and a future. For much of the present time, the city of Cleveland and its citizens have lived in the past. The stories of “what used to be” and “the good ol’ days” are talked about more than the future of one of the most popular cities in America.

Much to people’s dismay, the city of Cleveland is not dead. More importantly, the city is alive and well.

Brand 216 does not have a mission statement, but a promise. A promise to serve the Cleveland area and provide a fresh, clean, and exciting image for the city by the lake. Fashion is a way of expression- what better way to show a sense of pride for your city than to wear it on your heart?

Brand 216 was founded by Michael Moses, a senior at Kent State University. Moses has been in the apparel business since his freshman year of college and has been itching to break on to the national scene. With Brand 216, Moses hopes to create a new vision for Clevelanders, combining the area code and Terminal Tower to provide an image of undeniable pride. The goal of Brand 216 is to provide citizens and Cleveland lovers the chance to show the world their love for the city they call home.

With every day comes a new beginning. Brand 216 will be there, will you?

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